Academy Overview

Academy Overview

Why are we developing an Academy for Cost Transformation?

Our Academy will be a significant part of our working partnership with our customers. Our advisory and delivery work cannot always deliver everything you need as a company or as an individual – this completes your experience for those truly requiring a comprehensive grounding in Cost Transformation.

Cost Transformation’s principle offering is the sustainability of the changes you will make. The Academy is very carefully engineered to offer the frameworks, tools, collaboration and learning that is complementary to the intensity of a programme environment and is flexible and can be tailored to one’s diary constraints.

Whether through workouts, 1-2-1 mentoring, networking events, training courses or online articles, the academy breaks down the different options and approaches available for individuals and companies looking to use cost transformation as an enduring framework for success.

The Cost Transformation Academy is:

A series of multi-faceted and interconnected offerings that are complementary to Cost Transformation advisory, whether that be time with our specialists, tailored courses and practical workshops or the most relevant articles that best align to your needs.

A programme of events that are tailored to an individual, team or Company that applies the offerings of the Academy to the needs and challenges that you wish to be addressed. It also offers a wider networking and sharing environment with other leaders of change to learn and understand how others have dealt with similar issues.

A very cost effective means of immersing yourself in a practical environment across the entire cost transformation lifecycle.

The Cost Transformation Academy isn’t:

A theoretical guide to business and cost transformation.

A “One rule for all” approach to addressing your company and individual challenges.

A conventional training school with a menu of random courses.

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