Boot Camps & Workouts

Boot Camps & Workouts
Cost Transformation Boot Camps

Boot Camps

The essence of Cost Transformation’s ‘boot camps’ are that they are jointly led by Cost Transformation and a highly respected individual from the client, bringing a very practical working session(s) tailored to the individual needs and cultural style of your company.

Cost Transformation also offers classroom lessons and tutorials, whilst boot camps exemplify a more interactive way of learning and facilitate a more practical application of cost transformation concepts grounded and tailored to your challenges and aligned with ideas and solutions that will work with your company culture.

The style is one of discovery, collaboration and collective understanding, full of rich conversations amongst peers and leaders to truly understand best practice and the performance gaps to current practices in your company, with recommended improvements. The primary aim of the boot camps is to have conversations through practical group sessions with exposure to external specialists across the spectrum of cost transformation techniques. Boot camps serve as tools for transformation through intense but enjoyable change conditioning. How many times have you sat in training sessions wondering why the exercise/scenario has no relevance to your company’s operation or challenges. Boot Camps address this, as they are carefully designed to align key complex concepts to your company’s operations and are positioned to challenge them head-on.


Workouts are similar to boot camps in style and attitude but evermore practical in terms of execution. Workouts can be viewed as “design factories” with a purpose to addressing pre defined and challenging cost and business transformation issue(s) in a sequential, open, honest and accelerated manner. Accelerated; because, the sessions are well structured with the right empowerment people to make decisions to resolve long standing challenging or address those un-discussable cross function frustrations that never get addressed head on.

Whereas a boot camp embodies a practical and rigorous training regime, jointly led by Cost Transformation and you as the customer, a workout goes much deeper by tackling and solving complex company-wide issues as their core and only purpose. In other words, workouts are initiated because it is time to address urgent or long standing issues that have been deemed untouchable and costing the company vast sums of regret costs!

The style of these workouts are one of positive attitude, leaving your colours at the door with an enterprise 1st mindset, full of energy and tenacity to get these resolved. Given the definitive nature of workouts, once the workout sessions end, there should be little need to return to that particular problem, just implement it, as these sessions are often given the mandate of the Executive Team to execute.  In this way, workouts are very cost effective as they replace the multitude of workshops and engagement that fails to address the issues.

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