Cost Leadership

Cost Leadership
Cost Transformation provides 2 key services to executives and budget holders to ensure your set up for success and the fundamental values, capabilities and behaviours are being addressed to transition transformation back to business as usual.

1. ‘Health Check’. It purpose is to perform a diagnostic and independent review of your transformation programme to assess if:

a. Executive alignment is in place that ensures you are set up for success.

b. There is clear line of sight to business affordability with high quality cost segmentation for tracking your target cost baseline.

c. Required level of engagement with key budget holders to ensure costs across the end to end seams in the organization are captured and addressed.

d. Credible cost baselines are in place and required savings are assured and on track to the delivered, if not, what interventions are required?

2. Cost Transformation Coaching that:

a. Supports managers through the change, building commercial awareness and equipping them to shift behaviours in line with the cost conscious values you desire

b. Outlines key expectations of the executive in aligning decision making and prioritisation with current and future business affordability

c. Building behavioural norms so that managers embrace a self-regulated cost culture underpinned with the required leadership edge.

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