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What We Do

Our Training School offers a variety of unique courses across the entire spectrum of cost transformation at a pace and budget tailored to our client’s individual needs.  Our courses are as flexible as they are comprehensive and are based on the  four part series of articles illustrated on our homepage.  Our coaching and training is carefully positioned to outline best practice and proven radical techniques based on real life experience and success. Accomplished change practitioners will answer and advise throughout on challenging client issues. The training school offers an opportunity for those interested in further probing and applying to your business scenarios our cost transformation techniques in a safe environment.

How We Do It

At Cost Transformation we are dedicated to the needs and difficulties of our clients. Our flexible attitude is reflected in the style of our courses. Whether the training takes place on or off site, in the form of boot camps, we are dedicated in providing an openly adjustable training environment focused on the challenges you face.  A core principle of all Cost Transformation training is that our sessions should embody a practical and hands on approach to transformation based on real business scenarios delivered by professionals with years of experience at the coalface delivering this type of business change. As such we do not offer “text book” lessons steeped in theory but rather an interactive, engaging guidance towards the discipline of cost and business transformation. Facets of the Training School include:

  1. Core finance fundamentals for non finance leaders
  2. Cost Transformation – an overview
  3. Cost Transformation journeys that deliver
  4. Internal currencies and a self regulating, cost conscious workforce
  5. Cost diagnostics and value chains
  6. Baseline & benefits tracking
  7. Executive alignment and shifting behaviours

The journey doesn’t end there, post training support mechanisms are on hand to follow up on your issues you have requested us to look into as well as offering further information and access to other academy assets.

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