We have created pioneering offerings across the entire spectrum of and other business transformation scenarios. Many of these offerings deliver acceleration and visibility that supports clients to get to the problem identification quicker, coupled with enduring behavioural change techniques that enable organisations to reset their cost base in an enduring manner.

Our tools and techniques ensure firstly, you have the baseline foundations in place before you start, secondly a series of quick wins to gain credibility together with an interrogation of the seams and shadow organizations where there is often much waste, duplication and inefficiency, before finally tackling complex structural change. Our experiences at the coal face has enabled us to supplement these techniques with fit for purpose diagnostic tools, databases of quick wins and governance frameworks that provide robust and enduring progress tracking and programme leadership.

Our offerings are therefore a very cost effective means of delivering sustainable cost transformation.

Cost Transformation Diagnostic

  • Cash Flow Optimisation
  • Performance Improvement and Business Turnaround
  • Quick Wins (Early Cash)
  • Operating Model Effectiveness
  • Group/Global Synergies
  • Value Chain Visibility & Affordability
  • Cost Diagnostic – Waste and Non Value Add
  • Commodity Contracts Savings

Behavioural Change

  • Executive Alignment
  • Change Management & Engagement
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Behavioural Change
  • Building A Case For Change
  • Cost Consciousness & Cultural Change
  • Communications & Employee Relations

Delivery Leadership & Portfolio Management

  • Journey Management & Constraint Analysis
  • Programme & Portfolio Assurance
  • Programme Turnaround
  • Delivery Leadership
  • Portfolio Governance & Delivery
  • Visual Management

Measuring Value & Benefits Assurance

  • Baselines & Data Management
  • Value Drivers, SLA’s & KPI’s
  • Business Performance Dashboards
  • Benefits & Business Case Assurance
  • Benefits & Headcount Tracking
  • Budgetary Excellence
  • Aligning Measurement to Business Strategy

Sustainable Cost Transformation

  • Enterprise Transformation Dashboard
  • Performance Management & Rewards
  • LEAN – Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership Coaching & Peak Team Performance
  • Resilience (staying the course)
  • Baseline Protection Techniques
  • Service Catalogue & Prioritisation
  • Internal Currencies & Sustainable Accountability
  • Leadership Focus & Visibility