Sales Capability Improvement

Sales Capability Improvement

Sales Capability Improvement Services We Offfer:

INTEGRATING SALES & MARKETING: These two interconnected functions can all too often operate too loosely and unaccountable to each other. Cold calling campaigns are inefficient and no longer sustainable as the sole lead source. More end-to-end collaboration is required to prepare Sales with the necessary insight to perform a ‘Perfect Pitch’. We guide organisations in fully integrating Marketing with Sales and aligning their full capability behind generating the content and outbound campaigns where Marketing Qualified Leads can be in excess of 10-15%.

INSIDE SALES OPERATING MODELS: Organisations often fail to Invest and integrate the whole functional capability required for an efficient sales model and an exceptional customer experience. We help sales organisations define the clear roles, value propositions and interdependencies within best-in-class Inside Sales and Field Sales Functions. We bring collaboration and metrics that fully integrate sales capability for a seamless and exceptional customer sales experience. We particularly focus on support functions where often the ‘seams’ of inefficiencies occur.

PERFORMANCE & COMPETENCY MATURITY ASSESSMENTS: We believe organisations invest in digital IT applications without truly knowing the baseline and target ambitions for their competency levels. We help sales organisations baseline their capability against 8 sales competencies we believe drive world class sales performance. We align digital investment and sales coaching to competencies with benchmark targets to steer teams to high performance sales.

LEAD CHANNEL OPTIMISATION: Buyers must be engaged early, be multi-threaded and intercepted across multiple social media channels. We advise sales organisations on how to build capability that generates leading ratios across Inbound, Outbound and Social Selling lead channels. Getting these ratios right will reverse engineer your competency requirements and propel you into a leading business development sales organisation.

SOCIAL SELLING & INSIGHT SELLING: 75% of buyers are using social media to be more informed on vendors. 50% of the buyer community are likely to be Millennials by 2020. Why are these facts relevant? Because 69% of Millennials prefer web/social media and electronic messaging as a preference for engagement. We understand the importance of Social Selling as a lead channel and help organisations integrate and optimise Social Selling as a key lead generation and cross selling capability.

DELIVERING the ‘PERFECT PITCH’: With call back rates below 1%, and only 24% of outbound emails ever opened, getting engagement time with buyers is challenging at the best of times. Failure to then listen or engage with business credible insight will guarantee that small window of opportunity gets closed. We help organisations bring together Product, Marketing and Sales to build up repositories of compelling content and disruptive insight that answers the key business challenges of buyers early in their sales process.

SALES ADVISORY FOR ‘GDPR’ COMPLIANCE: The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. This will have a major impact on how sales professionals access prospect data and landscape accounts. We offer an advisory service to help organisations assess their exposure against current data processes and design go forward adjustments to remain compliant and therefore avoiding heavy fines.

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