Sales Channel Optimisation

Sales Channel Optimisation

Sales Channel Optimisation Services We Offer:

REVENUE & MARKET RISK MODELLING: Regulatory and environmental impacts to both markets and products are leading more than ever to potential existential product risk. Using our unique revenue modelling tool, we help our clients model 10 year risks and opportunities directly against their market share price to fully understand where to allocate resource and where to adapt segmentation and sales channels to mitigate future risk and competitive advantage.

GOTO MARKET STRATEGY, SEGMENTATION & DIMENSIONING: By identifying where you want to invest, we help organisations integrate product, marketing and sales to develop a go to market proposition that can be sold effectively and efficiently through new segments with a fully understood and sized market universe.

SALES CHANNEL OPTIMISATION: With rapidly changing buyer habits in an evolving digital world, sales organisations must adapt their channels to intercept buyers earlier whilst engaging with them in their preferred medium and across multiple channels they operate in. We help organisations design collaborative and efficient Field Sales and Inside Sales models so that both inbound lead channels and outbound campaigns for business development are smart, effective and efficient.

RIGHT SIZING SALES CHANNELS: Sales organisations embedding digital Inside Sales models must ensure the entire sales force is equipped, efficient and affordable to go after the desired revenue and market share. We support sales organisation optimise TOTEX investment and right size the entire sales force using phasing transition models based and optimised efficiency levels.

BUSINESS READINESS FOR INSIDE SALES: Too many executive teams launch Inside Sales Functions without clearly defining its value proposition and remit. We guide executives using ‘DELPHI’ alignment frameworks to help ensure the mandate and remit of each sales channel is clearly understood and accepted by all.

INSIDE SALES TRANSFORMATION: With an agreed purpose and remit, we partner with organisations to help them architect the right Inside Sales start-up change journey with digital applications in accordance with ambition and available resources. We offer experienced practitioners across Field Sales and Inside Sales for strategic advisory, design, programme & IT management, financial modelling, sales leadership development and culture change.

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