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Sales Leadership & High Performing Sales Teams Services We Offer:

HIGH PERFORMING SALES TEAMS: Most organisations fail to sufficiently consider the performance of teams when seeking productivity and efficiency improvements. With high performing sales teams operating at levels that generate c.25% more in commission earnings, creating them is therefore critical. Our framework for high performing teams drives 6 key areas that develop the environment and sales rhythm for them to thrive.

SALES LEADERS FUNDAMENTALS: Clarity of role and introducing a consistent sales ‘drumbeat’ is the single biggest failure of sales organisations. We support sales leadership in developing a core 4 dimensional leadership framework that provides focus and constant reinforcement on what’s important.

LEAN SALES EXCELLENCE:  Sales teams are often constrained from achieving high performance levels due to organisational ‘drag’, a term we refer to ‘noise’, ‘waste’ or ‘distractions’ that lead to inefficiencies. We have developed a ‘LEAN’ Sales Excellence model that can be embedded into sales models and ways of working. We support sales teams build in continuous improvement techniques so that all sales activities are value creating and aligned back to strategic goals.

SALES ACCREDITATION & CAREER PATHWAYS:  With an average churn of c.2-4 years in Field Sales and 1-2 for Inside Sales, it’s becoming more crucial to offer sales teams competency development and advancement. We help sales organisations develop career pathways and accreditation frameworks that build engagement levels and provide belonging for a sales force. We also steer organisations toward appropriate external accreditation courses.

SALES VALUES & STRATEGY ALIGNMENT:  Whether your strategy demands growth, agility or innovation, setting the values and standards that defines the culture and behaviours is critical. We help organisations define the right values, translating these into an enduring change journey. We believe managers should lead from the front, creating the signals that, “this is important” and by their actions, reinforce the environment created for high performing sales teams to thrive.

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