Sales Performance & Productivity Improvement

Sales Performance & Productivity Improvement Services We Offer:

SALES MANAGEMENT CADENCE: When implemented prematurely, sales teams can feel micro-managed and become disengaged. We help sales leaders create the necessary purpose and environment for effective sales management. We have developed a 6 stage sales cadence model that drives value, leading to self-regulating teams using a single sales language that everyone understands, eventually becoming your ‘Internal Sales Currency’.

“ENERGISE” – OUR SALES PRODUCTIVITY FRAMEWORK: Our ‘secret sauce’ to enduring high energy and productive sales teams. Our framework encapsulates the many services we offer, which define fully integrated sales capabilities, which, when honed, generate a significant uplift in productivity. This is why clients hire us!

COACHING SALES COMPETENCIES THAT MATTER:  We believe 50% of sales managers time should be dedicated to sales management, coaching and competency development. Our insight tells us that all too often there is either no framework to coach or daily distractions become an obstacle to not coach at all. We offer sales leaders a competency model built upon 8 areas that provides line-of-sight to competency gaps to be addressed with targeted coaching in line with an individual’s career ambition.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SALES METRICS & BENCHMARKS:  Sales organisations often define performance dashboards in line with reporting. These often measure the final outcome but drive the wrong behaviours that are not aligned to new capabilities. We guide organisations to build a blended portfolio of strategic and operational metrics across 6 pillars of interconnected capability. Together with our world class benchmarks and multi-year targets, we steer sales organisations to successful sales transformation and sustainable best-in-class performance.

GAMIFICATION & INCENTIVES: Creating a healthy competitive sales edge is critical across and within sales teams. We help sales leaders embrace gamification to drive the right behaviours that drive up productivity and sales excellence. We define balanced recognition programmes using incentives, gamification ladder boards and awards that generate an enduring sales rhythm.

SALES PLAYBOOKS & SALES EXCELLENCE:  Getting your entire sales organisation executing the ‘Perfect Pitch’ and adopting best practice techniques is differentiating and a winning formulae. We develop sales playbooks for both Inside Sales & Direct Field Sales. The storyboard structure brings together what’s required across the entire sales cycle, using world class techniques and guideline targets broken down into mediums that are visual and effective.

SUPPORT FUNCTION COLLABORATION:  We believe up to 60% of Direct Field and Inside Sales functions are adversely impacted by misaligned and under equipped support functions. We felt impelled to develop a model to help sales organisations build ownership and accountability, end-to-end across sales process so that handoffs are reduced and visibility of under-performance can be flagged for intervention.

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