Maturity Assessment Framework

Maturity Assessment Framework

Our maturity assessment framework can be applied across Inside Sales and Field Sales functions.

It’s tailored to your needs, but fundamentally it comprises up to 8 assessments spanning the entire sales life cycle. We use world class and sector benchmarks, questionnaires and diagnostic tools to visually playback your ‘AS-IS’ sales capability against your benchmark chosen ambition. We close the resulting gaps with specific capabilities and long term competency building leading to enduring high performing sale steams.

Our 8 step framework

1. Leadership Alignment & Sales Channel Efficiency

2. Lead Channel Capability

3. Digital Sales & Process Capability

4. Sales Competency Assessment

5. Sales Productivity & Performance Culture

6. Sales Management & Coaching

7. Marketing & Data Optimisation

8. Sales Leadership Capability

Leading to a High Performing Sales Professional

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