Jason Box – Founding Partner

Jason Box
Founding Partner
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Jason operates as a leading authority in the highly specialised and complex area of cost transformation. Jason acts as a trusted advisor in defining long term affordability that everyone understands. He architects and implements a series of initiatives and frameworks that are underpinned by world class tracking and an environment where cost conscious decision making is embraced and self-regulated as a new way of business life. Jason is a thought leader in designing cost transformation journeys and has published articles in shaping cost conscious cultures in academic journals. Jason has tailored a cost transformation academy that helps staff develop their commercial skills whilst shifting behaviours in line with a cost conscious culture.

Jason also operates as a programme director leading change journeys, recovering failing programmes or running the portfolio office to schedule, track and steer the change initiatives so that savings are delivered. With 24 yrs. experience, Jason brings an ‘acute lens’ to perform ‘health checks’ and independent assurance to ensure programmes are ‘set up for success’.

Jason is a qualified ACCA accountant with a blended set of commercial and transformational skills developed in Industry and top tier consulting. Before founding Cost Transformation Limited, Jason was a member of EDF Energy’s senior leadership team and in Dec 2012 successfully delivered the company wide ‘Supporting Excellence’ cost reduction programme on behalf of the Executive Team.

Specialises in:

  • Delivering Sustainable Cost Transformation & Strategic Cost Management
  • Advising executives when to commence a transformation and when to transition to a business as usual operation.
  • Builds HR & Financial commercial discipline to lead and assure cost transformation
  • Deploys self-regulating techniques that enforce choices and prioritisation against affordability levels.
  • Creating environments that embrace cost conscious decision making & ‘Enterprise 1st’ behaviours.
  • Aligning operating models to business affordability including corporate centre rightsizing.
  • Cost Segmentation that isolates non-value add addressable costs for removal.
  • Optimising end-to-end efficiency for shared services, outsourcing and centres of excellence using innovative analytics that drive win-win improvements for all parties.
  • Business case development and tracking cost savings against target cost baselines that ensure they are delivered.
  • Coaching & mentoring behavioural change to budget holders through the cost transformation academy.
  • Defining 5 year sales vision and transformations that build sales insight, capabilities, metrics and dashboards and systems that elevate an organization to world class sales.
  • Strategic Cost Transformation
  • Corporate Centre downsizing

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