Our Engagement Charter

Our vision, mission and values

Our culture is driven by our work ethic and values that enable us to achieve our vision and mission. At the heart of our values are 3 constituent elements: Trust, Transparency and Teamwork.


We listen, so that we truly understand your challenges and needs, not what we need. We respect your scale of challenge and potential impacts to your staff. We act with empathy but independence, helping you confront the issues rather than skirt around them.


We will bring a flexible open engagement style that fits your culture. We will aim to build early momentum and credibility throughout your journey.


We build your capability to enable you to lead your change journey. We build long term partnerships based on loyalty, integrity and results. We take pride in that we support our clients through the tough times when your resilience is tested.

Enabling us to deliver our mission:

Supporting businesses in determining future affordability levels that are accepted, understood and self-regulated by all budget holders across the organisation.

That achieves our vision:

Becoming the trusted advisor and counselor for cost transformation to many of the world’s most influential businesses.