Overview & Approach

Overview & Approach

Transformation in general covers a wide spectrum of change initiatives. We provide complete coverage and flexibility across many of the scenarios/challenges executives are facing today. Whether you require support with a strategic piece of analysis, assurance, reviewing a segment of a business, a complete business unit/function or an entire enterprise wide transformation, sponsored by the board.

We specialise across the entire lifecycle of transformation change or any phases within, whether that phase is a) contemplation, b) about to start, c) have started, d) stuck and in need of turnaround, or e) finalising and handing over to the business to stabilise.

We have a differentiated offering 1) at the very beginning and 2) when you are nearing the end of governance, because in our view, this is where you take on most risk of failure and erosion of savings. In both cases we have found that companies move too quick, do not have the fundamentals in place and either grind to a halt or hand over to the business who are not prepared to ensure the changes are sustainable.

See below one of our samples of an end-to-end approach.

Phase 1: Creating Foundations for Cost Transformation

Here we recommend a series of tests using the cost-transformation diagnostic © to assess baselines, visibility, measures and spend controls and gauge their alignment to your affordability in your market. We probe the “seams and shadow organisations” for waste and duplication. We assess the degree of executive alignment, buy-in and the capability/capacity of your leadership to change before you take steps to reset your operating model. This is typically achieved through simplifying accountabilities and hand-offs improving functional and process effectiveness and the degree of commercial focus in decision making. We would expect organisations who implement this phase to secure c.10-15% baseline cost savings.

Phase 2: Creating Value:

This phase builds on the vision, budgetary controls and clear accountable measures set in phase 1, is led by the executive team and delivered in a portfolio by leaders in a business-as-usual mindset. We typically expect to see operational change through continuous improvement, talent rotation and substitution and complex structural change coupled with a series of decisions agreed by the executive team to stop doing things that are no longer high priority for delivery of the strategy. We would expect this phase to typically secure a further c.10-20% baseline cost savings.

Phase 3: Creating A Cost Conscious Culture:

With the talent, leadership edge, metrics and control measures in place, this is where the focus moves to sustainable and enduring change of behaviours to secure and sustain the cost to serve. We support organisations in cascading a package of measures that permeate down the organisation’s workforce. Examples include guided behaviours, simple actions, internal currencies and languages, focused measures and open and honest workforce that can openly challenge waste and inefficiency. We would expect this phase to last many years and secure a a further c.5-10% baseline cost savings.

We can deliver all phases, a single phase, other performance improvement scenarios or turnaround and interventions where your current transformation is failing.

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