Who We Appeal to?

Consulting and Advisory

Our services can span the entire life cycle of a transformational change journey, from the very early stage where you believe you have an impending problem, to identification, shaping options, defining and delivering the right change journey for you to supporting you in stabilising the changes you have made to ensure it is sustainable, enduring and trackable.

  • Advisory – Discussions in confidence, strategy reviews, problem identification, reviews, turnaround options, regulation, business case, culture and capability
  • Delivery Team – Programme director, cost accountants, change mgt and behavioural change, communications and employee relations
  • Enduring – Behavioural change, cost consciousness, baseline tracking, leadership and accountability

Hiring a Turnaround Practitioner

Rather than source an advisory or delivery team, clients sometime just need to find a trusted individual that can just fix a short term problem, whether that is in a turnaround capacity or backfilling a line role. Our highly experienced and specialists in and change management are available for you to call upon.

  • Programme Assurance – Regular Independence checkpoint reviews and health assessment of your change journey, IT programme or effectiveness of existing governance
  • Programme Turnaround – Highly experienced leaders with vast experiences of turning around failing programmes or longer term change journeys
  • Change Management – We pride ourselves on sourcing practitioners that have grasped the issues made change happen in complex and distressed situations.
  • Baseline and Business Case Assurance – Independence and honest diagnostic assessment of your current progress and likelihood of achieving your business case with recommendations for turnaround

Training and Bootcamps

A blended set of offerings that range from classroom style training school covering topics across the entire spectrum of cost transformation to co-led flexible and tailored working sessions (boot camps) that are more focused on practical outcomes from challenging issues. Depending on the style you prefer we provide mentoring 1-2-1 or group sessions and putting you in touch with other sponsors of change in and across Industries.

  • Training Academy – Classroom based training onsite and offsite across the entire spectrum of cost transformation and other interrelated practical themes. These course will not be theory based, but practical, interactive and based on real world scenarios.
  • Boot Camps – Interactive working sessions to deliver concepts and expectations in a practical and enjoyable manner with fellow peers, often tackling a very dominant company issue, jointly led by both Cost Transformation and a senior leader from your company.
  • 1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring – Building resilience, focus, engagement, alignment, decision making for leaders to lead and sponsor change
  • Capability Building – i.e. Commercial awareness for non financial managers, budgeting and cost allocations.
  • Roundtables and Executive Networking – Opportunities to build your peer to peer networks, meet fellow executives sponsoring change and share learnings and insights in the fields of cost and business transformation.
  • Lean Capability Building – Developing in house LEAN skills through a structured tiered academy and boot camps.

Portfolio Management and Tracking

No matter what approach you take to transform your business, a form of “directing mind” is paramount to coordinate complex change. We specialise in sourcing highly experienced individuals that will cut through much of the typical work generated in a PMO office and focus you and build your capability on the core decisions, baselines, data quality, performance measures and interventions needed secure the business case and significantly improve your chances of success.

  • Governance and decision making – Help you define the right centralized or decentralised model for you that aligns with your style and culture
  • Phase containment and risk management (stage gate assessments) – Assessing if you are ready to start and ready to move forward, or comfortable with the risks that you are willing to take in moving forward
  • Prioritisation of portfolios and projects – Provide tools and techniques to ensure robust prioritization and right decisions are made that optimise the business case or company performance
  • Journey constraint planning – Aligning a series of initiatives in the right sequence that meet your current capacity in resources, risks and capability
  • Baseline and headcount tracking – Your starting points are carved in stone, ensuring business cases are credible and robust and tracked along your entire journey


They are: A series of structured and practical “roll the sleeves up” sessions in creative surroundings with the sole purpose to achieve defined outcomes in an accelerated way of working. We ensure you have the right balance with particular focus on having decision makers there to achieve rapid acceleration through key phases.

They are not: Presentations, briefing workshops, status updates or governance meetings

Example workouts include:

  • Executive Alignment
  • Baselines
  • Value Chains
  • Planning and Constraint Analysis
  • Quick Wins
  • Design factories
  • Business Case
  • Compelling Story
  • Change and Communications
  • Business Strategy Alignment with Operating Models

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