World Class Blueprint for Inside Sales

“The Blueprint is not for sale, it’s insight has been shaped by many expert Inside Sales practitioners. It’s value lies in providing benchmarks and guidelines to critical sales capabilities that when joined up and integrated, will elevate your sales performance to world class”

– Jason Box – Director – Cost Transformation

The Blueprint supports sales leaders in 3 ways:

1. It offers depth and breadth across the entire Inside Sales lifecycle providing an integrated lens to improving critical sales capabilities and performance across areas such as:

a. Right sizing and channel optimisation

b. Transitioning Field Sales to Inside Sales

c. Data strategy and outbound campaigns

d. Integrating Sales and Marketing

e. Inbound channel efficiency

f. Social Selling & insight selling

g. Sales management coaching & metrics to steer you to world class capabilities

h. Sourcing, onboarding & retention

i. Inside Sales competencies & the ‘DNA’ behind them

2. It’s key pillars of high performance identify how to align sales transformation directly with critical sales competencies and the key strategic metrics and benchmarks for high performing sales teams. It will steer an Inside Sales function to ‘best in class’ or ‘World Class’ depending on the level you choose to invest.

3. It unlocks the key to a sales rhythm and sales culture through an integrated framework of sales management, competency coaching, career pathways, certification and incentives so that organisations create the necessary environment for high performing sales teams to thrive.

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