Our Three 5’s

i. The digital world is driving an imperative to become lean and remain agile.
ii. New low cost entrants are disrupting stable businesses.
iii. The cost of regulation is becoming existential for some businesses.
iv. Poor cost discipline is no longer sustainable.
v. Cost efficiency is becoming the new battleground for competitive advantage.

i. 60% of cost reduction programmes fail to achieve their goals.
ii. 60% of cost savings span multiple functions or external organisations.
iii. 50% of cost savings return within 18 months.
iv. 75% of EMEA organisations are planning to rehire staff within 12 months.
v. 80% of making change happen is ‘attitude’ driven.

i. We ensure you do it once and do it right 1st time.
ii. We ensure the focus is enduring; cost transformation has no end game.
iii. We ensure you hold onto the cost savings that are often eroded.
iv. Our approach and values are based on trust, transparency & teamwork .
v. Allowing us to embed techniques that deliver a cost conscious culture that remains with you forever.



Executives are having to make tough strategic decisions based on future affordability; they do not want to find themselves having to lead businesses out of a short term cost crisis again. But Organisations often do not have appropriate understanding of long term affordability levels or the prioritisation frameworks to make the right choices that maintain them. Budget holders must understand the compelling case for what is affordable now and in the future.


We apply Strategic Cost Management techniques via a financial diagnostic that enables the re-alignment of an organisations costs to the new future operating model that delivers the new vision, business strategy and cost identity.


Brings all these techniques together by addressing not just immediate cost issues but considers the organisation values and long term identity as a whole. It generates a new way of business life underpinned by self-regulated leadership where staff embrace a mind-set that is commercially disciplined in every decision they make.


A pioneering and tailored ‘Cost Academy’ for clients that supports them throughout the change journey, embedding the imperatives to ensure the operating model works effectively. The wide spectrum of courses can be co-delivered through training or 1-2-1 coaching across budget holders so that there is a common cost culture together. This reinforces the environment that encourages the right behaviours making the change and savings enduring.


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